Exterior Home Maintenance Project 

During summer 2019, Cavalry Family Housing experienced an increase in work orders submitted related to potential water damage. In order to address this, FHFH hired a third-party Architectural, Engineering and Material Science firm to perform testing on a series of vacant homes. Through this process, we have been able to isolate and identify the potential sources of water damage, which may include the roof, and have prepared a detailed plan to address and repair these potential issues in our community. Cavalry Family Housing gained approval for the project from local Army leadership quickly and is ready to accomplish this necessary work to ensure the best possible housing for soldiers and their families.

What to Expect:

Written notice will be provided to impacted residents two weeks prior to work beginning. Additionally, 48 hours prior to work commencing, residents will receive an in-person visit* by their community management office, along with a member of the construction project team, to go over the scheduled work and answer any questions. (*In-person visit subject to COVID-19 social distancing limitations.)

Our Commitment:

  1. Work is being performed by a qualified third-party company with oversight by a Cavalry Family Housing project management team.
  2. Resident health is not a risk while work is being performed, as confirmed by third-party health consultants.
  3. The Community Manager will be available to answer questions via phone and email. This information will be provided in the 2-week and 48-hour notice.
  4. If Cavalry Family Housing is informed of a situation that requires additional attention outside of the established project schedule, we will respond within 24 hours to investigate the situation. If there is an active, non-containable water leak, we will respond within 30 minutes. 

Status Update: February 2023

  • Project Start: July 2020
  • Project Completion: Estimated Fall 2023 
  • In-Progress: 8 units
  • Total Repairs Completed: 764 / 972 units (79%)
  • Work Hours:
    • 8:00 am-5:00 pm, Monday-Friday, weather permitting
    • Weekend work may occur as needed, weather permitting 
  • We will need your assistance and ask that you move your vehicle(s) or items stored outside in the carport, front porch and back porch to protect your property and ensure work can be completed safely. This will also be communicated to you at the 2-week and 48-hour notification prior to work commencing.

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